The screenshot above was taken to show that there is no DEFAULT GATEWAY stated in a computer TCP/IP system under celcom mobile broadband connection.

Default Gateway only available when the IP routing is enabled. In the case of celcom mobile broadband, there are only 2 possible conditions where the TCP/IP default gateway will be displayed:
1- subscriber is using a router
2- subscriber is using a phone where it will share the connection between the phone and the computer using PAN (Personal Area Network) eg: Windows Mobile 6 used as modem

If you are using Celcom Mobile Broadband, connection will be working just fine even without the default gateway IP value. The main function of the default gateway IP is just to act as a default IP if the prescribed IP V4 address is not valid or beyond the range of the subnet mask IP. It is also used to control or to change values in routers setting. Usually the default IP is embedded within the ADSL modem memory or within a dedicated router`s memory.

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Dear All,

Guys, I just did a benchmark on Celcom DNS primary server which is using the google DNS benchmarking tools.

what I did was:
1. Get the primary DNS server for celcom under the ipconfig /all command. (see the attachment)
2. I used the alexa database (the list of most visited website in the world) as a measurement tools
3. Use other regional DNS server as a comparison to Celcom`s DNS.

What is the purpose of the test?
1. To test which DNS server is better for daily use.
2. To prove that better supported DNS server will increase your internet speed.
3. Comparing Celcom DNS server to other regional DNS server in performance and reliability.

1. Better supported DNS server yield significant better internet speed.
2. Celcom DNS is better than digi`s DNS server.

In this test, Google Public DNS is

31% Faster


Recommended configuration (fastest + nearest)

Primary Server Google Public DNS
Secondary Server
Tertiary ServerTIME-2 MY

Tested DNS Servers

IPDescr. Hostname Avg (ms) Min MaxErr NoAns Notes Public DNS 394.45147.19 5673.78 25
  • hijacked (
  • Replica of Google Public DNS-2 [] TH 477.51118.85 8039.31 15 HK 484.12128.08 4982.76 55 TH 501.26130.00 7298.26 33
      • NXDOMAIN Hijacking 515.0182.05 8341.61 25 SG 546.6097.57 6876.34 85 MY 546.7889.23 8409.68 05
 617.30129.72 5832.56 21
          • hijacked (
          • NXDOMAIN Hijacking
 ID 880.66411.49 4567.14 84
 MY 1493.3797.84 9814.69 225
 OpenDNS 0.000.00 0.000
          • Failed TestWindowsUpdateMicrosoftResponse: <class 'dns.exception.Timeout'>
 Google Public DNS-2 0.00 0.000.00 0
          • Slower replica of Google Public DNS []


          Mean Response Duration

          Mean Duration Graph

          Fastest Individual Response Duration

          Fastest Response Graph

          Response Distribution Chart (First 200ms)

          Response Distribution Graph (first 200ms)

          Response Distribution Chart (Full)

          Response Distribution Graph (full)

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          A few months back, I received an email from one of the visitor of this blog asking me about this problem, "limited connectivity". The good news is that this error happen rarely if you own a Windows XP based machine. The bad news is, the probability of having to face this error on a machine with Vista OS is greater. Limited connectivity error is a result of the mulfunctioning DHCP system.

          Celcom Broadband utilized Public Dynamic IP, meaning that there is a big chance that you might be sharing an IP with someone else. Celcom provide a "pool of IPs" and each time your computer connect to the internet, you will never know which IP you will be assigned untill you are connected to the internet network. The system which control this is called the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

          Everytime you start a PDP session a.k.a. creating a connection to the internet network, (in this case, since you do not have a specific IP) your computer will send a request to the Celcom Server asking for an IP. Due to network error, the server did not respond to your computer request. After several request went unanswered, your computer will create a dummy IP (usually starting from 169.***.***.***). What happen is that the data session bridging is success but no reply from the ISP server. Just imagine a car moving from point A to point B. The highway connecting A and B is available but the car is out of petrol.

          1. Connection is there but without a valid IP address. Thats why it shows erorr "limited connectivity".
          2. Without valid IP your connection to the internet network is meaningless because other computers and servers on the network will not recognize or communicate with your computer and vice versa.
          3.Rebooting your computer usually solved this problem.
          4. Or, try to change your network band (e.g. from 3G only to GPRS only etc.)
          5.If you are on Vista OS, upgrading your drivers/firmware is the best bet if you frequently bugged by this problem. There is an unconfirmed report (but highly possible) about the problem with Vista`s TCP/IP with some old modems and routers.

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          Dear all;

          Recently I did a test to rate the quality of a Celcom mobile broadband internet connection. It is an independent benchmarking available at

          The line quality was measured by determining PING time, jitters and packet loss percentage. However bear in mind that this is a general assessment of the Celcom Broadband quality and it is not final. The result may be different if different server location were selected. So to say that the line is bad, in my opinion is a bit premature. However to say that the line is excellent is way of the mark.

          Since Celcom Mobile Broadband connection was transmitted using a cellular transmission, we cannot expect it to be performing on par with the wired/fixed broadband connection. Wireless transmission to some extent, will suffer data loss and signal inconsistency. So if you want a more stable and consistent connection, choose a fixed line broadband. Remember broadband connection over GSM signal is not intended to be a direct replacement for your wired/fixed line broadband. It only act as secondary connection or additional connection whenever you are on the go.

          Have you ever heard of those fella who are running their internet based business which most of the time require a stable constant internet connection, and to my surprise some of them use a celullar based broadband (celcom) as a main internet connection, you know how I feel pitty for them. One more thing, I don't know why Celcom advertise their connection as a medium for online gaming. The PING result is quite high and it is not suitable at all for online gaming.

          Overall, a D for Celcom mobile broadband.. to say the result is suck, wait until you see the result of the other mobile broadband provider in this country. A complete laughing stock of the millennium!!

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          Good day..

          New updates on this unintentional rerouting to website.
          1. its not virus or a malware
          2. its a network error
          3. only effect Celcom Mobile Broadband PREPAID customers (so far there is no such same report for postpaid broadband)
          4. usually happen during peak hours..

          how to solve?
          openDNS!!! remember these number [Preferred DNS: and Alternate DNS:]. Tested before and it works!!

          For XP users: Go to control panel> network Connections> then right click on your existing connection> click properties> networking> and double click on TCP/IP.

          For Vista users:
          Go to control panel> View network status and tasks> View status> Properties> Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), then click the Properties button> Click the radio button Use the following DNS server addresses: and type in addresses in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server fields.

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